The Highfield School on 24th Mar.,2017

Highfield School in Letchworth boasts an impressive state-of-the-art facility providing a suburb environment for learning for over 1000 students. Original school buildings erected in the1960’s have been replaced with a new £15M facility. Funding for the scheme was secured through the priority schools building programme which is operated by the Education Funding Agency. The new school benefits from improved classrooms, communal and circulation areas and new sports and recreational facilities where the old school was originally sited.
Pupil and staff movement around the school played an important role in the lighting design, uniformity of the lighting and good light choice for flexible learning spaces was key in the design process. The use of modular and round led panel in corridors and walkways provided non-obtrusive but effective lighting in high traffic areas. Our round led panel requires no maintenance over its lifetime with over 50,000 hours of operational life. Meanwhile, IP65 Climate LED Panel Lights were used in Plant and Storage areas.

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